Charter of Functions of DGCEI

The brief charter of functions of DGCEI is as follows:-

1)Collection, collation and dissemination of intelligence relating to evasion of Central Excise Duties and Service Tax.

2)Investigation of cases booked on the basis of specific intelligence.

3)Supplementing and coordinating the efforts of field formations in investigations.

4)Studying the modus-operandi of evasion and issuance of alert notices.

5)Advice for proper deployment of Central Excise preventive staff in the Central Excise Commissionerates.

6)Study the price structure, marketing patterns and classification of commodities and advise Commissionerates for plugging loopholes.

7)To function as think tank for the Department.

8)To study the effects and implementation of tax concessions, exemptions and relaxations in controls and to make recommendations to the Government.

9)Coordinating and sharing information about tax evasion with other enforcement agencies.

10)Maintaining liaison with other Central & State agencies in all matters pertaining to tax evasion.