Director General's Message

The Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence was created with a view to frustrate and deter the continual attempts of Tax Evaders to evade Central Excise Duty and Service Tax. The new Modus Operandi to evade taxes always hexes unscrupulous manufacturers and traders thereby making our task more daunting and exigent. The task is daunting as tax evaders adopt fast mutating methods of evasion that too along with new emerging business models coupled with rapid technological changes. The task is daunting as a fine balance has to be maintained by DGCEI Officers that their actions should no way cause any harm to compliant tax payers.

1. It is rightly said by Francis Bacon "He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evil; for time is the greatest innovator."

2. Tax Revenue being ploughed into the cause of public interest, it would be galling to see some merrily evading taxes while honest and compliant face the competition. Those who shirk their civic responsibilities need to be identified and punished. DGCEI through Officers spread all over the Country attempts to plug and prevent revenue leakages and book tax evaders. DGCEI Officers carry out an in-depth and trenchant analysis to unearth egregious misuse of various schemes and stamp out cases of clandestine removal, thereby try to provide level playing field. This in a way is the humble contribution of DGCEI to various trade facilitation measures of the Government of India.

3. DGCEI also through its intelligence mechanism and worthy Officers studies the causes of subterranean activities pertaining to Central Excise and Service Tax and suggests policy changes.

4. These pursuits go a long way in ensuring voluntary compliance of tax laws and restoring public confidence. We would, therefore, urge all Citizens to join hands with us to improve our ability to fund economic development and public services. If any Citizen has any information relating to evasion of Central Excise Duty or Service Tax or anybody has a suggestion to plug the loophole so as to prevent tax evasion, he can contact us through letter, phone, Email or in person. We have provided details of monitory Reward Scheme in certain cases as per Guidelines available on this site to encourage flow of information to DGCEI. Further, confidentiality of the Name of the person providing information is strictly maintained by us.

Former Director General

Sr. No Name Period 
1 N.K. Bajpei 14-09-1988 to 01-11-1990
2 B. Sankaran 01-11-1990 to 20-02-1991
3 B.C. Rastogi 20-02-1991 to 31-01-1993
4 B. Sankaran 01-02-1993 to 18-05-1993
5 R. Gopalnathan 19-05-1993 to 16-01-1996
6 S.D. Mohile 16-01-1996 to 08-08-1996
7 A.K. Pande 08-08-1996 to 13-03-1997
8 R.K. Chakrabarti 13-03-1997 to 20-07-2000
9 Virendra Singh 20-07-2000 to 15-11-2001
10 Dalbir Singh 15-11-2001 to 01-11-2002
11 A.S. Sidhu 01-11-2002 to 30-11-2003
12 S.P.S. Pundir 30-11-2003 to 03-08-2005
13 A.K. Raha 03-08-2005 to 13-09-2006
14 V. Sridhar 13-09-2006 to 07-04-2008
15 A.C. Buck 07-04-2008 to 15-05-2008
16 Rakesh Sharma 15-05-2008 to 23-12-2008
17 Chitra Gourilal 23-12-2008 to 16-04-2009
18 A.C. Buck 16-04-2009 to 28-02-2011
19 Praveen Mahajan 01-03-2011 to 12-09-2011
20 K.K. Goyal 12-09-2011 to 31-08-2012
21 J. Chaturvedi 04-09-2012 to 05-11-2013
22 M.D. Singh 06-11-2013 to 31-01-2015
23 Najib Shah 01-02-2015 to 07-09-2015